Quilt Preparation and Agreement

Quilt Preparation Instructions and Agreement

Quilt Top:

  • Please have your top as square (or rectangular as the case may be) as possible This will facilitate proper long-arm machine loading and successful long-arm quilting. If your quilt top is not “squared” then most likely it will come back to you appearing unsquare after the completion of long-arm quilting.
  • Press your top flat, from the back, this will help you direct your seams. Press light material in the direction of the dark material (if possible) so that dark design does not show through on the quilt top front.
  • Trim all or loose threads.
  • Repair any loose seams, if you don’t then our machine’s foot can possibly rip your quilt. We will not be held accountable if this happens.
  • You might want to add 3-4 stitches across the seams around the perimeter of your quilt if you do not have a border about 1/8″ from the edge of your quilt.
  • If your quilt top has a definitive top edge, please leave a note indicating the top edge.
  • If your quilt top has embroidery, appliqué or folded fabric, please advise in advance; we need to talk about this aspect of your quilt. Depending on your requirements, this may require custom quilting which I do not offer.
  • Please keep all layers (quilt top, batting, and backing) separate. DO NOT baste the quilt top, batting and backing together. We will NOT take spray-basted quilt sandwich for long-arm quilting.


  • Please have your quilt backing 6- 8″ larger than your quilt top. For example: If your top measures 40″x40″ then your backing (as well as batting) should be between 46″ x 46″” and 48″ x 48″. The extra backing material and batting is needed to load the quilt unto the longarm machine.
  • If your backing has a top edge please leave a note on the backing too. If dropping off quilt, I will do this when doing your consultation.
  • Preparation of backing (if needed) is charged at a rate of $10/seam
  • No 2 sided quilts

Quilt Batting:

  • Please provide quality batting that is uniform in thickness. Batting that is irregular in thickness will cause irregularity in finish quilt stitching. We do offer Quilters Dream Batting products if you wish to use our batting. Our price list is on our Services page under batting.
  • Please make sure that the batting is as big as the quilt backing and let us know the batting brand name.
  • We recommend 100% Cotton or 80% cotton, 20% polyester as a good all-purpose batting.
  • If quilt top and backing are dark, I strongly suggest that you provide black batting material. This will provide the most pleasing result. We do keep some black batting on hand that you can purchase from us.

If you live in central Iowa:

  • For your convenience, I have a pick up service through The Iowa Quilt Block, 325 5th St, West Des Moines, Iowa (Valley Junction). I drop off completed quilts and pick up quilts to be quilted, every Thursday (weather permitting), normally between 11:00am and 1:00pm. Please feel free to visit their website: The Iowa Quilt Block. If the West Des Moines Public Schools are closed due to weather, they will also be closed. You may also follow them on Facebook for bad weather/Covid announcements as well.

Preparing your Quilt To Ship:

  • Please have batting and backing 6-8″ wider on all sides. Just add 12” to16″ to your quilt top measurements. We will return all extra fabric which can be used for future quilt top projects.
  • Fold the quilt top, batting and backing separately and place into a large clear plastic bag. Place in box for shipping. When I return your quilt to you, I will ship USPS Flat Rate Box. If you want additional insurance added we will need to discuss before I return your quilt.
  • Include signed copy of the Quilt Preparation and Agreement form in shipping container.  Payment:  We accept cash, credit card, or payment via PayPal or square.
  • Printable agreement: we will email the agreement to you when we discuss your project. Quilts are booked by reservation only. We do require a 50% deposit based on estimated cost when you are instructed to ship out your  quilt. Final payment is required before we return quilt in the mail.
    • Finished quilt will not be released until full payment is made.
    • We cannot promise absolute perfection since we are human but we always provide the absolute best work possible. Our reputation depends on it.
    • If your quilt top and backing are square (or rectangular as the case may be) and the borders lay flat, then we should not have a challenge.
    • We will talk together throughout the process to make sure that any challenges are communicated and addressed appropriately.
    • We respectfully request that you indicate that Stitch After Stitch Machine Quilting performed your long-arm quilting if you enter your quilt in a competition. We will provide business cards with full company information.
    What to expect from Stitch After Stitch Machine Quilting:
    • We will use a new titanium needle to perform the long-arm quilting on your project.
    • Your project will be provided within the timeline specified to you. Our turn around is usually 3 – 6 weeks. Graduation (April and May) and Christmas (October – December) season may run a couple of weeks longer depending on work volume.
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