We offer multiple price points for edge to edge quilting, prices are per square inch.  We do have a $55 minimum for all quilting services.

  • $.0175 Tier 1
  • $.02     Tier 2
  • $.025   Tier 3
  • $.03     Tier 4
  • $.04     Tier 5
  • $.05     Tier 6

To calculate square inches, use the following formula:

Length of Quilt in inches  ____________
Width of Quilt in inches   ____________
Quilt Size (Length x Width)  _________ = square inches of your quilt

For example, if your quilt is 100 x 100

Length of Quilt in inches  100
Width of Quilt in inches   100
Quilt Size (Length x Width)  10,000 = square inches of your quilt

So the Machine Quilting estimate for Tier 1 would be $175, Tier 2 $200, Tier 3 $250, Tier 4 $300, or Tier 5 $400, Tier 5 $500.00

To look at designs, click on the design tab


We carry Superior Threads: Omni, So Fine, and King Tut Variegated. We charge a flat rate for all our threads:

Solid Thread: $6.00  Variegated: $8.00

Batting (Optional)8.00

We only carry Quilter’s Dream Batting products. It is not required that you buy your batting from me, however I do require that you provide me with a batting that is at least 6 – 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.

Binding (Optional Service) BIAS BINDING NOT OFFERED

We offer binding as an optional service. We can make the binding, trim your quilt and sew to the front of the quilt and you hand sew to the back, or we hand can do it all.

We charge by the linear foot, to calculate, measure all four sides of your quilt top, add those numbers together and divide by 12.

For example, in our example 100 x 100 inch quilt top, each side is 100 inches, so:            100 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 400 / 12 = 33.33. linear feet

Machine sewn to front only:                                              $1.50/linear foot
Machine sewn To Back, Machine Stitched to Front:    $2.00/linear foot
Machine sewn to front, hand, stitched to back             $2.50/linear foot

Piecing the Backing (Optional Service)

We will also piece your quilt back if you wish, we charge $10.00 per seam and will use the least amount of seams possible. We do basic piecing of the backing. We do not match prints on the backing during the piecing process, it is merely putting two pieces together and stitching inside of the selvage so that they will not show.

If your backing is not big enough, we will return it to you to add the necessary fabric so that the backing is at least 8 inched wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top.

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